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Please indicate which of the following matches you are available for:
League Match v Buckinghamshire at Army, Monday 25/04 at 11:00am
Friendly Match v Surrey, at Effingham GC, Monday 13/6 at 1:30pm
League Match v Oxfordshire at Huntercombe Golf Club, Monday 04/07 at 1:00pm
League Match v Hertfordshire at Weybrook, Tuesday 19/07 at 11:00am
League Match v Berkshire at Calcot, Thursday 18/08 at 11:00am
Friendly Match v Sussex at Ifield, Monday 19/09 at 11:30am
Inter County Team Event at Royal Mid Surrey, Monday 26/09 at 9:00am
Friendly Match v Hampshire Senior Men at Blackmoor, Wednesday 12/10 time TBC